Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ants in My Pants

We just ate dinner and Dylan says he needs to "decompress". I have ants in my pants, and can't sit still. I had some strawberry jello at work today. The last time I had jello was at one of our BBQ's this summer when we broke out the jello shots (by the way, I highly suggest pineapple jello with rum, yum). Regardless, I made some blackberry koolaid 2 nights ago and just had a glass of it, and I've been on a fruit roll up kick lately. I go through phases when I can eat boxes of these at a time, but I only like one flavor. I buy them when I'm with my nieces and nephews, that way it doesn't look like I'm buying them for myself and it gives the impression that I'm a good aunt giving in to their every whim. Behind the scenes, I just don't give them any.

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Samantha said...

About the fruit roll-ups she is speaking nothing but the truth. I know this from experience. She used to hide them in her suit case when she came home from Boston...of course being the pesky little sister I had to eat them when she would go out with her friends and then hide the evidence. I have not been to Chicago so therefore I havn't been able to locate her "hiding" place but when I do.......I'm telling all the neices and nephews!!!