Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthdays and Holiday Weekends

I spent my birthday this year in Davenport, IA with my sister. The kids made the best pink cake (3 candles, 39 white polka dots), I guess they thought something or someone would catch on fire if they used that many candles. My nephew keeps calling me Samantha, who is actually my youngest sister...we have a "who's the best auntie war" going on in my family. My mother actually gets Samantha, who lives in Arizona, on the phone just to tell her this. I'll be damned that he'll remember my name before I leave on Monday morning.

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sistersamantha said...

So I talked to the blond one today and she read me your blog. I had to come check it out for myself. Your funny. Did you really have to keep calling him Samuel all weekend long? I mean I dont do that to your precious Buttercup. Just because the kid happens to love me more shouldn't upset you. I endure all the "Auntie Shells" I think you could do the same without reverting to a three year old's state of mind!!! I mean your almost 40 for heavens sake. Okay enough of that, I hope you had a great birthday with the kids. I miss everyone so much. It's hard not being able to see them only once a year. I understand why you moved closer to home. Call me soon, miss and love you...Sam